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Nanchong Travel Guide

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Nanchong Overview

Covering an area of 12,494 square km, Nanchong lies in the middle reaches of Jialin River, northeast of Sichuan Basin, with a population of 7.065 million. As one of the eight central cities of Sichuan, Nanchong is a famous cultural city enjoying a long history of 2,200 years with the reputation of  “hometown of silk” and “fruit city”. It exercises jurisdiction over Shunqing District, Gaoping District, Jialing District, Langzhong City, Nanbu County, Yilong County, Xichong County, Pengan County and Yingshan County. There are more than 200 state-level, province-level and county-level key historic and cultural sites and over 40 scenic spots including the famous historic and cultural city—Langzhong, white Pagoda, old temple, the first mountain of Jialin River—Jingping Mountain, beautiful Baiqu hill, enchanting and secluded Shenzhong reservoir, the religious culture of Taipeng hill, Jincheng hill and Lingyun hill, all of which may make the visitors tend to linger on. Luoxiahong’s Star-watching pavilion, Ancestral Hall of HuanHou of Han Dynasty, Wanjuan tower, Tengwang pavilion, the Hall of ZhangXian, tombs of LiChunfeng and YuanTiangang will evoke the visitors’ memories of the old times. More than 2,000 years of planting mulberry trees and feeding silkworms has formed the unique silk culture. Former residence of ZhuDe and LuoRuiqing, memorial hall of ZhangLan must let the thoughts crowd into people’s mind that though these great persons have already passed away, their lofty spirits will last forever. Big puppet, lantern play, shadow play and paper-cut of north Sichuan may shorten the distance of languages and cultures and make people be enamoured with them. Now Nanchong has opened two international tourism routes: one is “the tour to the former residences of officers and generals”, the other is “tour of seeking the relics of the Tree Kingdoms”.