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Nanchong is in a special geographical location because it leads to the capital of Shu(short for Sichuan) in the west, faces Erchu(Hubei) in the east, goes to Sanqin in the north and connects Chongqing in the south. It has been a place of strategic importance from the old times to nowadays and it’s the traffic and communication hub with Sichuan which connects the other places out of Sichuan through water, land and air and Jialing river is its main watercourse. There are shuttles Nanchong and Chengdu, Chongqing, Luzhou, Neijiang, Yibin, Leshan, Zigong, Suining, Mianyang, Dazhou and Youzhou. The railway between Chengdu and Dazhou connects Xiangyu railway and Baochang Railway. National highway 318 and 212 wind around the city and join together in downtown Nanchong The highway between Chengdu and Nanchong will shorten the distance of 218kms. After the highway between Nanchong and Chongqing finishes, it’ll be less than 200kms between these two cities. The national optical cable and microwave communication trunk lines pass Sichuan via Nanchong. Nanchong is the traffic hub, the goods collective and distributive center of North east Sichuan, one of the most important part of National Three Gorges Economic Zone, vital port which opens to the outside world and one of the eight central cities of Sichuan, so it got the name “the heart of North Sichuan”.


Gaoping airport of Nanchong is located in Qingsong town Gaoping district, about 10kms from the city center. It began to construct in March 2002 and put to use in May 2004. It has opened airlines from Nanchong to Beijing , Guangzhou and Shenzhen etc. and airlines from Nanchong to Shanghai , Kunming , haokou, Xian, Xiamen and Jiuzai will be opened soon. It can hold up 600,000 passengers and 7,000 tons of cargo each year.

Tel: 0817—3317365


(1)Highways in Shunqing district

Starting from Nanchong, there are Chengdu —Nanchong, Nanchong— Chongqing , Nanchong—Guangan and round-the-city highways, which illustrats Nanchong’s position of traffic hub. So Nanchong , Chengdu and Chongqing make up the “2-hour economic circle” and it is true to its name. There are long-distance coaches from Chengdu, Chongqing, Luzhou, Neijiang, Yibin, Leshan, Zigong, Suining, Mianyang and Dazhou to Nanchong.

Address of Chengbei Bus Station of Nanchong: No. 5 Tiechang Road Nanchong.

Tel: 0817-2318809

 (2) Highways in Langzhong

The transportation network in Langzhong is quite convenient which can lead to Cangxi, Guangyuan, Jiange, Deyang, Mianyang, Bazhong, Yilong, nanchong, Chongqing, Guangan and Chengdu, almost to every direction. So tourists will find it easy to travel here.

Yulang (Chongqing—Langzhong) Highway: Starting from Chongqing via Hechuan, Wusheng, Guangan, Nanchong to Langzhong, covering a distance of 585kms and taking 7 hours and 105 yuan. Nanyu (Nanchong—Chongqing ) highway is still under construction, after its construction it’ll be much more convenient going from Nanchong via national highway 212 to Langzhong.

Chenglang (Chengdu—langzhong) Highway: Starting from Chengdu to Nanchong through Chengnan Highway (345kms, 2.5 hour, 80 yuan), then changing to National Highway 212 to Langzhong (138kms, 2.5 hours, 25 yuan).It takes about 5 hours to cover 583kms. There is nonstop-bus to Langzhong which costs 105 yuan.

Mianlang (Mianyang—Langzhong) Highway: It takes 3.5 hours to cover 260kms from Mianyang via Yanting to langzhong. The nonstop-bus will cost 45 yuan.

No. 2 Guanglang (Guangyuan—Langzhong) Highway: Starting from Guangyuan on National highway 212 via Cangxi to Langzhong, which is the first provincial-level highway, about 152kms, taking 4 hours. 28 yuan for non-stop bus.

Jianlang (Jiange—Langzhong) Highway: It costs 3.5 hours from Jiange to Labgzhong, about 150kms. 18 yuan for non-stop bus.

Balang (Bazhong—Langzhong) Highwway: From Bazhong to Langzhong on Provincial Highway 302, about 150kms, costing 4 hours. 30 yuan for non-stop bus.

Yilang (Yilong—Langzhong) Highway: from Yilong to Langzhong on the first provincial-level highway, about 90kms and 2 hours. 16 yuan for non-stop bus.

Nanlang (nanchong—Langzhong) Highway: from nanchong to Langzhong on National Highway 212, about 138kms and 2 hours. 25 yuan for non-stop bus.


Passengers can take trains to many places from Nanchong, such like Chengdu , Dazhou, Wanzhou, Yingshan, Shanghai , Dongguan and Wuchang.

City Transportation

There are 24 public transport lines in the city, which are quite convenient.

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