Daming Mountain

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The Daming Mountain is the highest mountain in south-central Guangxi with an average altitude of 1,200 meter.Longtou, its highest peak,is also the highest peak in south-middle Guangxi with an altitude of 1,764 meters. The scenic spot is a first-class natural reserve in Guangxi and also in Human and Biosphere National Committee’s international protection network. The Daming Mountain has, steep cliffs and slopes, deep valleys, a lush forest and streams. The temperature in the upper mountain range is 8-10℃ lower than the yearly average of 16℃ at its base; this is influenced by south Asian tropical winds and local topography. Changing seasons provide different reasons to visit the Damin Mountain. In the spring, flowers are in full blossom with various colors; in summer, surrounded by mist and clouds, its waterfall is a wonder; in autumn, the leaves on the whole mountain are as red as fire; and in winter, the mountain is covered by white snow. Because of this, it is often called "Guangxi's Lu Mountain". The main things to see are: the fantastic peaks and secluded valleys—Gannan Valley is the most magnificent full of mist and clouds with steep cliffs on both sides; the high mountain and grass lands--on the top of the mountain there are 6 grass lands surrounded by trees.

Nanning Daming Moutain

Nanning Daming Moutain

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How to Get There?

1. Take the tourist bus at 9:00 a.m. from the Small Golden Mountain Plaza located across from Zhaoyang Plaza on Mid Zhaoyang road to Daming Mountain. It is a 3 hour trip at a cost of 30 yuan per person; visitors can take the returning bus at the gate of the scenic area from 3:00- 4:00 p.m.

2. Take the tourist bus to Daming Mountain in front of Minzu Shopping Mall (No.75, east Renmin road) at 9:00 or 15:00;

3. Take the coaches to Mashan, Dahua or Du'an at the Anji passenger station and get off at the Damingshan crossing.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
A whole day

More Tips:

1. Since the mountain is covered with mist year round, drivers are advised to consult the local weather before departing. If there is too much mist, it is better to modify the route or to change to a tourist coach.

2.In the morning, it is cold and humid, so you should prepare warm clothes if you are to see the sunrise.

3.Accommodation on the mountain is very convenient; The Longteng hotel has dancing hall, a bar, sauna, beauty salon, hair salon and other entertainment. Besides offering typing, copying, faxing and ticket booking services, it is equipped with a business room and clinic. Its prices are as follows: 350 yuan for luxurious suit, 250 yuan for luxurious single room, 200 yuan for luxurious double room, 150 yuan for standard single room, double room and triple room.

4.There are four famous sights in the Daming Mountain, namely the mist in spring, the waterfall in summer, the cloud in autumn and the snow in winter.

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