Longhu Mountain(Dragon and Tiger Mountain)

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Firstly established in 1980, the Longhu Natural Reserve was qualified as the natural reserve and the beauty spot of the autonomous region in 1987. The main objects under protection are rare medicinal herbs and the Karst Mountain scenery, also including the national plants like Garcinia paucinervis, Cephalomappa sinensis, C.pubipelata and Burretiodendron hsienmu and the national animals like Francois′s Leaf Monkey,  Macacus monkey, Python molurus, pangolin, champion toucan and so on.

In the area, visitors can see green mountains and peaks, old cane, bamboo bridge, clean water, various buildings and towers and hundreds of birds. Another famous attraction is to see the monkeys in the mountain. Above 2500 monkeys half raised by human will receive guests on the road side or bridge and along the river. Lovely as they are, visitors can play or take photos with them, what an interesting thing.

The scenic spots already open to tourists include the area for playing with monkeys, the fantastic sights in the Karst cave, the bamboo house of Zhuang, Boating on the green river, the fairy watching site and so on.

Nanning longhu mountain

Nanning longhu mountain

Nanning Longhu Mountain


Seeing the monkeys: in the lush forest of the Baihua Mountain, there are four groups about 2000 monkeys, some big group with above a hundred monkeys and the small one also with more than 20. After years of cultivation in the wild, 3 groups of 200 monkeys are for watching. Between 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, the keeper will send the feed to a fixed spot. Hearing a whistle and seeing a small flag, the monkeys will gather in the spot from all corners and eat the feed on the ground, or unfold the keeper's hand and grab and eat the corns, some even dare to take food from visitors' hands. Thanks to proper feeding and cultivation, the monkeys are tender and human-like, being the monkey groups with the biggest number in the country.

Stone forest bonsai: In the Longqian Valley surrounded by the Hushan Mountain, Setu Mountain and Yimu Mountain, there is a basin with a width of about 200 mu which is full of stone pillars of 4 to 6 meters in height and in various shapes. On the stone pillars grow wild cane, old trees, algae and ferns, which create a natural stone forest bonsai.

Jiaxiu Peak: It is the highest peak in the scenic spot. On the top of it, you can enjoy a broad view, such as levels of mountains and crossing roads.

Accommodation on the mountain: there is a hotel at a cost of 150 yuan for standard room. And in Long'an county which is 40 kilometers away from the mountain, there are more hotels and guestrooms.

Food on the mountain: Food here is really special, including Long'an's chestnut which is characterized by early fruit and high yield, bright color and big size and glutinous fresh, and the poplar mushroom which is honored as the "the top mushroom in China", the dehydrated Kuding tea which contain 16 kinds of free amino acids and other healthy elements and is helpful to lose weight, lower blood pressure, clear away heat and thirst and bad breath and so on, the five-color rice which has five colors including natural, yellow, black, red and purple and that tastes fresh and delicious as a traditional and healthy food, and the last one, dehydrated  honeysuckle flower which is a pure natural healthy food with the natural color, smell, taste and nutrition, processed from the local product of the Dashishan Mountain area in Guangxi, the fresh wild honeysuckle flower.

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Take a tourist bus at Beida  Passenger Station;take the coach to  Tiandeng and Daxin at Beida Passenger Station.

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20yuan, 5 yuan plus for the Fairy Cave

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