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Nanning Food

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Nanning Featured Food:

Nanning Lemon Duck

Nanning Lemon Duck

Sour and spicy, the favor is heavy at the first chaw but you can't stop your chopsticks at the second chaw. The duck is scrip and delicious, neither soft nor oily, but with a special smell of lemon. The sour and spicy favor of lemon duck is not only because of the lemon but also because of sour chili, sour garlic, sour ginger added in the frying and preserved lemon and perilla added just before it is ready. The preserved lemon not the fresh lemon is helpful to clear away the smell of fish and make the duck soft as well as fresh.

Nanning Lemon duck

Nanning Lemon duck

Lemon duck is an excellent dish that you can’t miss while traveling to Nanning. The duck enjoys a peculiar flavor, which tastes sour, hot and a little bit sweet. Cooking lemon duck needs selected materials, including the authentic cavings-feeding duck with the weight of about 1.5 kilograms or Peking duck. The ingredients include chopped pickled sour lemons, sour plums, sour Chinese bulbous onion, sour hot pepper, fer

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Old Friend Noodles (rice Noodles)

It is the most famous snack in Nanning with a history of a thousand years. It is said that there was an old customer who visited a tea house everyday, but he didn't appear one day since he was suffering with a cold. Having known that, the boss sent him a bowl of hot noodles cooked with chopped garlic, lobster sauce, sour bamboo shoots and chopped beef. The customer got much better after eating it, thus it was named as old friend noodles.

The noodles can help to prevent wet and stimulate the appetite, so it is a long lasting food warmly welcomed by customers.

Roasted Duck

Nanning people always love to eat duck, which has great relation with the local climate. Nanning’s ancestors thought duck was helpful for clearing away heat as the weather in Nanning was too hot. It is said that the first roast duck appeared in Kangxi period of the early Qing dynasty. It was made of Zhima duck which had scrip skin, fresh meat and smelly bone. At present, based on the choice of material, the process of making and the way of eating, there forms various roasted ducks in different regions. And Nanning roasted duck and Beijing roasted duck respectively represent the southern and the northern styles of roast duck in China.

Bazhen Rice Noodles

It is said to be a dish in the palace diet of Qing dynasty, and it has more than 8 ingredients like seafood and fresh vegetable and other dainties which complement each other. The name Bazhen which means 8 treasures is from the famous saying "Like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each one shows his or her special prowess".


Nanning citizen love to eat porridge at breakfast, so there are dozens of types, such as preserved egg porridge, pig muscle porridge, sliced fish porridge, red bean porridge, pig blood porridge and so on. Hot and fresh, they are very delicious.