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Nanning Food

Last updated by  at 2017/4/25

Nanning Featured Food:

Rice Roll

It is another snack in Nanning. Spread the thick syrup made of soaked rice onto a white and hot cloth in a tray and put the tray into a steam box to steam it. When it is ready, roll the rice paste into the shape of tiny pillar and add with ingredients like sesame oil and wampee sauce. The food taste fresh and soft and smooth.

Babao Rice

Steam the soaked sticky rice with about ten ingredients like edible oil, mung bean, lily, lotus seed, white nut, glaced date, Randia cochinchinensis and candied melon. It is goloptious and soft, smooth and with agreeable sweetness.

Sour Pickles

Sour pickles are preserved fruits and vegetable. Nanning has a long history of eating sour pickles. In a hot climate, eating sour pikles was to preserve cool and prevent wet, and the custom has persisted to the present day. Usually, the local products like mango, plums, pawpaw, peaches, cabbage and other fresh fruit and vegetable are pickled with ingredients like sugar, chili and vinegar. Sour, sweet and spicy, they are scrip and fresh, which is helpful to stimulate one's appetite.