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Nanning Local Products:

Zhuang Brocade

Zhuang Brocade is the most famous handicraft which has a long history. It originated in the period of the Tang and Song dynasties and reached its golden time in Ming and Qing dynasties, always endowed with heavy local ethic favor. Woven with cotton threads and colorful silk threads, the Zhuang Brocades are famous with their beautiful patterns, bright and rich colors and durable quality. Patterns of the Zhuang Brocade are more than 20, including the typical patterns like the shape of the Chinese character 万, and shapes of water, clouds, flowers and other patterns such as Butterflies on Flowers, Two Dragons Competing for Pearl, Lion Playing Ball and so on. Zhuang Brocade has a wide range of uses, such as making into blankets, quilt facings, aprons, bags, girdles, scarves and beautifying clothing.

Silk Ball Of Guangxi

One of the featured souvenirs in Guangxi is the silk ball made with colored cloth or silk cloth. It is a ball at the size of a fist, which is embroidered with colorful flowers and birds and attached with some colored bells. In the old time, it was just a ball played in some kind of entertainment or sport. But now it has been developed into a gift given to lover and spread popularly, and the silk ball of Zhuang minority in Guangxi is embedded with their national characteristic. Its surface is formed by connecting 12 clothes in the shapes of petals symbolizing 12 months which mean forever happiness and being together. It is said that the famous Zhuang's singer, Liu Sanjie, tossed the silk ball to her lover, A-niu as a love-promise under a big banyan tree.

Zhuang Embroidery

Zhuang embroidery has a long history. Zhuang women begin to learn embroidery when they were only a child. Besides decorating clothes, embroidery is also used to finish galluses, door curtains and quilts. Besides, threads of various colors are embroidered on the edges or surfaces of clothes, trousers, aprons, scarves and shoes with all kinds of traditional patterns. Although the Zhuang embroiders are made without any pictures or samples but are out of the makers own ideas and skillful hands, they are arranged symmetrically and in a clever way, embroidered with fluent treads and colorful patterns full of special and profound meanings.

Printing And Dyeing

Printing and Dyeing is a traditional industry of the Zhuang minority. The Zhuang people in Nanning favor black and deep blue. Young or old, most of them like to wear a shirt in blue and trousers in black or both of them in black. The dying material is made with blue indigo from some kind of plant grew by the local people. And to dye is to soak the cloth into the diluted indigo, which is repeated for five or six times if you want blue product but more than ten times if you want black one. Then after washing and drying, they are ready to be made into clothes. Thanks to a plant called Nanteng grass added into the dying material, there is a color of purplish red in the blue or black cloth, which makes the colors more shining and durable.


Longan is also known as “Guiyuan”. Its fresh of longan is white and crystal-like, tender and sweet, which is by no means inferior to litchi. Su Dongpo of Song dynasty once wrote in his poem:“longan and litchi are two similar varieties from the same origin. They look as alike as orange and tangerine, and it is difficult to say which one is better.” Besides eating fresh, longan can also be processed into canned fruit or dried Guiyuan or longan pulp which is a good for health.


Called the king of fruit,its tree can live as long as 300 to 400 years.Mango fruits are oval and egg shaped with light yellow skin and the interior flesh is bright orange and it is soft and sweet. Nanning is the hometown for mango. In the harvest season, you can see big and fresh mango at low price everywhere.

Love Bean

There are two kinds, the red bean and jequirity bean. The former is seed of red bean tree, which is bright red and 1.5 to 2 cm in length, belonging to the tree species of the bean family. The latter also called lover's bean is the seed of rhizocarpous trailing plant, which is red at the top and black at the bottom and as big as a soybean. The young people of Zhuang love to give red bean and jequirity bean as a gift to express friendship and love.

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