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Nanning Transport

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Nanning has formed a convenient and quick transport network composed of national road, provincial road and highway, which closely connect with each other and can lead passengers to every counties and cities in the province as well as the main cities in the country. Nanning as its main node, the Guilin–Beihai highway is the longest regional one in the country; the nearest sailing passage in the southwest, Nangning–Hechi (Shuiren) highway had come to service in September, 2004 which connects Guizhou, Sichuan and other places; besides highway to Guangzhou and other projects, roads to the strategic town bordering Vietnam and to Baise are under construction. In all, in the urban area there are six long-distance passenger stations which have 371 routes and provide coaches to 7 regions inside and outside the city, and 57 counties and cities.

Langtong Passenger Station   Number for ticket booking: 5508329-5508333

Anji Passenger Station        Number for ticket booking: 3109661 3113100

Jiangnan Passenger Station   Number for ticket booking: 4518200

Jinqiao Passenger Station   Number for ticket booking: 2020330、2020335

Long-Distance Buses to Hanoi in Vietnam

There are cross-border buses from Nanning to Hanoi in Vietnam, taking 7 hours for a single trip.

Departure time (daily): 08: 40, 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 13:40
Ticket price: 150 yuan per person (including insurance)
Departure station: Langdong Bus Station 琅东汽车站 (passengers can take public bus No. 701, 704, 706, 6, 25, 42, 52, 39, 76, 45. 206, 87, 213, 89, 90, 609 or 603 to get there)