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Nanning Weather

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Nanning enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate, with abundant sunshine and sufficient rainfall. It has mild climate, with the annual average temperature of about 21.7℃. Nanning has very long summer and short winters and there is no snow in winter. The coldest month falls in January with the average temperature of 12.8℃ and the hottest months fall in July and August with the average temperature of 28.2℃. The yearly average precipitation reaches 1,300 mm. Thanks to the superior weather condition, trees are evergreen and flowers are in full bloom throughout the year in Nanning. Thus, it’s suitable for travelling to Nanning all the year round.

Nanning features distinct wet and dry seasons, namely the humid summer and the relatively dry winter. The rainfall mainly concentrates in summer. From February to October, the extreme temperature exceeding 35℃ occurs sometimes. The weather is relatively comfortable during spring and autumn, compared with humid and hot summer.

Best Visiting Time

Nanning is suitable for touring all the year round, due to its favorable weather condition. The best period to visit Nanning is from October to November when the weather becomes comfortable, suitable for sightseeing. Besides, during this period, various grand festivals with rich local characteristics kick off, such as Tourism Festival and International Folk Song and Art Festival.

Packing Suggestions

Nanning has really long and hot summers, especially in July and August, the temperature can range from 30℃ to 38. ℃. Besides, the rainfall is frequent and sufficient, lasting for a long time. Thus, tourists traveling to Nanning during summer should prepare umbrellas, sun cream, and sunglasses, in order to prevent the solar radiation and the unexpected rain. Nanning has very short winters, lasting only for weeks. During winter, warm clothes, such as cotton-padded jacket are also needed. In spring and autumn, which are very warm, long-sleeved shirts and pants are enough.