Heping Town

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Black bricks and glazed tiles, carved girders and painted ridgepoles, great entry and grand halls are often used to describe the luxurious civilian houses that were popular in central China in Ming and Qing Dynasties. These houses are of extraordinary majesty, whereas they have become one of the rare world treasures that can be rarely seen nowadays. Fortunately, more than 200 of them are still preserved in an age-old town with a thousand year’ history in Shaowu. It is called Heping Town.

Heping is located in north-west Fujian Province and has a land area of 192 square kilometers. It was originally built in Tang Dynasty, making it one of the most ancient towns boasting a long history in Fujian province. It is a peculiar castle-style old town that is rarely seen elsewhere and many of the ancient constructions preserved till now fall into the ancient architecture groups with distinct features throughout China.

Abundant folk-costumes and cultures are handed down in Heping Town; many ethic activities are peculiar and of great enjoyment value, including the Nuo dance that is called “living fossil”, unique dragon lights and Candle Bridge. In addition, Heping Town boasts its “three super excellences”; they are fruits desks, star-viewing tea and bean curd with floating soybean milk. They are all attracting a great number of tourists.

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