Historic Site of Jian Kiln

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Jian Kiln is situated in Shuiji Town, Jianyang City of Fujian province, and it was a well-known kiln of Fujian in Song Dynasty producing tea sets of black enamel.

The Kiln consists of places as Luhua Level Ground, Oxhide Lun, Back Hill of the Main Road and Yingchang Qian, distributing about 120,000 square meters. The variety of china produced in Jian Kiln includes china of blue enamel and china of black enamel and priority was given to the black enamels. Calix of rabbit hair, one of the finest tea sets in Song Dynasty, was considered typical in black enamels. In addition, enamels named Oil Drop, Partridge Spots and Yao Bian were also magnum opuses of black enamels of Song Dynasty.

Black enamels were once articles of tribute and gained great popularity among the royal court. They were also gone around in Japan, Korea and countries in South-East Asia where they were popular as well. Black enamels have played an important role in the history of China’s cultural exchanges with foreign countries.

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