Mangdang Mountain

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Mangdang Mountain is situated about 15 kilometers away from the downtown area with its highest peak rising 1,363 meters above sea level. The land area is about 120 square kilometers including major beauty sights as the Headstream Valley, the Stone Buddha Hill, the 3,800 Ridges and the Cloudily Longing Ocean. The mountain is famous for its deep valleys and remote forests, clear streams and imposing fog.

In the Headstream Valley, tourists can enjoy the beauty of grand waterfalls, Headstream Nunnery, Lucky Dragon Bridge, Toad Rocks, Heavenly Folded Stones, Sunny and Rainy Trees and King of Fir Trees. It impressed people with its clear streams several miles long, peaks and cliffs hundreds of meters high, terrace with thousands of steps and flourishing forests with a great number of trees.

The Stone Buddha lies in the east of Mangdang Mountain. Looking from the paths alongside the highway, you can figure out a stone Buddha of about 10 meters height, who is lowering his head and looking down. The hill got its name from this stone Buddha and his posture. Among the hill tourist can find ancient temple sites of Song Dynasty and various inscriptions. Zeng zifang in Song Dynasty depicted the beauty of the Stone Buddha Hill by the following lines of poem, “nobody can recognize the front hill, and it must be a golden eagle peak falling from the heaven”. There are also people who speak highly of the enchanting beauty of the hill so much as to parallel it with the beauty of such famous mountains as Wuyi Mountain, Lushan Mountain, Tiantai Mountain and Yandang Mountain.

There is an age-old path paved with blocks east of the Mangdang Mountain. The path connects Min and Gan provinces and is about 5 kilometers long. Local people call it “three thousand and eight hundred ridges”. Grotesque rocks and stones are dotted with colorful flowers and green grasses on both sides of the path. From here you can also have a view of metasequoia of thousand years old and camphor of old age and large size standing on the chain of mountains. If you look into the distance from the head of the ridges, you will find yourself astonished at the charming scenery, peaks rising one after another, streams winding across, age-old paths and terrace stretching to the heaven and clouds and fogs hanging over the mountain. 

The Cloudily Longing Ocean is the summit of Mangdang Mountain. Looking into distance from a high place in a sunny day right after a rain, you will surely have such feelings as longing and absentminded with rosy clouds rising and colorful rainbow hanging.


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