Tianyou Peak Beauty Spot

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If you surmount the peak and look around into the cloud sea in a sunny day right after a rain or in the early morning, you will find yourself carried away by the overpowering waves of clouds, and feel like you were placing yourself in Penglai wonderland and roaming in the heavenly palace and pavilion. Because of such circumstances, the peak got its name “Tianyou Peak” (roaming in the heaven).

Tianyou peak consists of the upper reach that includes the nearby area on the left of the Overlooking Pavilion and the lower reach which is down the rugged hillocks and along the Huma Gully. The Overlooking Pavilion, which is near the perilous cliffs and stands on the summit of a mountain thousands of meters high, is an absolutely pleasant stage to appreciate the Wuyishan landscape. If you look around in the distance against the handrails, you will feast your eyes on the boundless cloud sea, the vast number of hanging peaks, the zigzag roads winding across the mountain and the light rafts floating in the streams. All of these will make you enjoy yourself so much as to linger on with no thought of leaving for home.

At the southern end of the lower reach located Tianyou Abbey which was rebuilt in 5th year of Jiajing period in Ming Dynasty. There is also a palace-style pavilion named “ao you xiao han” (meaning an arhat wandering in the sky), which is a pleasant place for tourists to drink tea and view the scenery. On the hathpace behind the abbey stands a rare ormosia hosiei with bean pod falling down when gentle breeze kissing by in the ripe season. Out rolling the pods are some deep red beans glistening in the sunshine.

The famous Snowflake Spring was formed by water from Huma Gully, which wriggles from the south part of the mountain and the water pouring down to the west of the hathpace. The waterfall is more than 170 meters and of grand elegance and majesty. Tourists will also invariantly marvel at more than 30 stone inscriptions of carious dynasties carved in the rocks along the gully. One of them goes “it seems to be raining in a sunny day when the cliffside spring is falling down and people feel a little bit cold in summer shaded by the verdant and lush forests”. On the back of the hathpace a ridge named Zhenyi Ridge stretches to the east. It is the tiptop of Xianyou (fairy-wandering) Cliff. Historic sites as Xianyou (fairy-wandering) House, Sanyou (three-friend) Hall and Sentian (forest-sky) Pavilion are on the ridge.

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there are special lines to the spot from the downtown area

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