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Nanping Shopping

Nanping Local Products:

Jian Orchid

Jian orchid is worth of appreciating, and also it is of great pharmic value. Its leaves, flowers and roots can all be used as medicine ingredients. In folk area people often make it with Qingming tea together and thus functions as detoxification, eliminating hot, brightening eyes, adjusting breath and easing aches are found. It also has assistant curative effect to glaucoma.

Little Colorful Umbrella

Umbrellas made in Yangkou County, Shunchang town of Nanping City are made of bamboo bones as the frames and waterproof cloth as the surfaces. The surfaces are flexible and velvet with various pictures drawn on, among which are flowers and grasses, birds and worms, hill and water landscapes and also characters. The pictures are so colorful and lively that you may fondle them admiringly.

White Peony Tea

It is of the top grade in white tea .The silver white core is nipped in green leaves, which makes it look like a flower in shape. When the tea is immersed in water, the green leaves will stretch out to set off the green bud, just like a flower in full bloom.

Nanping Shops and Stores: