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Changsha Beach is wealthy in clam called “the freshest seafood in the world”. Being a well-choice for tribute ever since Tang dynasty, it’s fresh and delicious, famous both at home and abroad. In recent years, beach disco, a new and unique entertainment, is formed here. By bullock cart or tractor, tourists are sent to the sea where they can tread on the endless beach with their naked feet, which forms a scene of disco dancing while viewing far away. Wild clams all over the vast sands hidden under the sand, out of pressure while being trodden on they will move up. With the adding of pressure from the treading, they will move up little by little and finally appear on the sand At that time it is a piece of cake for you to catch then. After an hour with this method, you can harvest several jin (a weight unit), and get a delicious dish on your table.

Here, watching the sun rising above the sea level, fishing at the seaside or flying kite on the beach are at your free will. The most important is that you can taste dozens of seafood, including clam, yellow mud snail, sand crab, sea anemone and so on.

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Visitors can take a coach at Nantong long-distance station to Rudong and transfer to a bus.

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