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Hao River Scenic spot is an open scenic spot with the ancient fosse as the ligament and city as the center. As it circles the old city zone of Nantong like a calabash in the shape of pearl chain, it is honored as the “emerald necklace” of Nantong City.

Hao River used to be an ancient moat which came into being when the city was built in the fifth year of Xiande Period of Latter Zhou Dynasty according to the history. At present, it has a perimeter of 10 kilometers and water coverage of 1,080 mu. With the largest breadth 215 meters and the smallest breadth 10 meters, it is the ancient moat in the most complete reservation state and located in the center of the city in China. With a history of nearly one thousand, it is one of the four ancient moats that are still in existence domestically. 

The water of Hao River is as clear as mirror and is endowed with natural zoological communities of river gulls, mallards and ospreys and so on with beautiful natural scenery. There are a lot of places of interesting like Guangxiao Tower, Tianning Temple, North Pole Cabinet, Wenfeng Tower, Nantong Museum, Cinque Park and son on located on the two banks of the river. In addition to these, there are the former residence of famous persons like Zhang Qian, Li Fang, Zhao Dan and so on and some other new cultural recreational places and junketing spots like Hao East Green Garden, Hao West Book Center, Annulus West Cultural Square, Cultural Palace, Wenfeng Park, Yinghong Building, Sports Park and so as well as 28 bridges and all kinds of famous trees and ancient woods. Lucid and clean Hao River and the temple, the dais, the pavilion, the tower and the lane bring the best out of each other. The human scenery and the natural beauty are integrated into each other and the historic relics, garden arts and the customs assembled in the past thousand years are the basis of the simple and dignified cultural origin of Hao River while the grow-up of modern cities endows it with vigorous demeanors of the times.

Located in the center of the city, Hao River flows around the city with water coverage of 700 thousand sq. meters and there is a big variety of sights and verdant trees. The temples, bridges and so on are hidden among the woods while the painting boats and the yachts are poppling above the water. The beauty of the well-known garden city Nantong relies much on Hao River.

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Visitors can take No.8 bus in the long-distance station, and No.7 is tourism bus.

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