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Nantong Textile Museum is located in Nantong City of Jiangsu Province and was built and opened to the public in October, 1985. Nantong is the famous “Home of Native Cloth” one hundred years ago and also the modern base of folk cotton and textile industry and cradle of Textile Technology Education.

The whole museum has land coverage of more than 18 thousand square meters, among which the architecture area is about 4,500 sq. m. composed of the main museum and the assistant museum. The main museum is composed of six exhibit rooms, collection storeroom and official buildings. Chinese folk hall form was employed in the construction and yards are adopted to separate all the halls while corridors are employed to connect them. In the yards are mural paintings, sculptures and flower, woods and hills for the sake of the pleasance fun of the visitors. Typical restoration is employed to reproduce the historical scene of the cotton planting, production of native cloth, the commercial houses in late Qing Dynasty and early People’s Republic and modern textile workshops.   

Most of the cultural relics and the historical materials are from Nantong among which the pottery spinning wheel unearthed in Qingdun of Hai’an, the congratulating notice of Zhang Jian winning the first prize in the Imperial Examination in 1894, the stocks, accounting book, trademark and products and so on of Da Sheng Textile Factory in the early days are very precious. The exemplars of modern textile products are the ones honored with golden or silver prize from different factories all over the country among which are “Chinese Textile Outstanding”, “Nantong Textile History” and “Modern Excellent Textile Exemplars” and so on.

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Visitors can take No.8 bus and get off at Sanyuan bridge stop.

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