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Yuantuo Beauty Spot in Qidong City was first built in 1998 with a planning coverage of 2,100 mu. When you steps up levee of the river and the sea or Maoyang building in the morning, you will find the red sun over the endless green water. At dusk, when you look at sun-setting, you may find the waves like golden dragon jumping over the long river. In the evening, the stars and the moon on the sky shine into with the lights of the fishing boats and the waving water. You may also travel to the meeting place of Yellow Sea, East Sea and Changjiang River and watch the intersection of the waters from the three regions. The pageantry of the tide separation of the fresh water and the salty water makes people sigh with emotion and acclaim it as the peak of perfection.

The earliest building of the beauty spot is the ocean entrance cenotaph of Changjiang River built in 1998 with an area of 1,500 sq. m. and a delicate architecture sculpture with the organic combination of the architecture units of corridor, kiosk, building, lane, and stele and so on. The whole body of the monumental is the shape of a boat facing to the east and full of innervations, which imply that the river has covered a long way and entered into the ocean facing the sun. The “Changjiang River enters the ocean” in grass style chosen from the calligraphy collection by Mao Zedong is vigorous and trenchant. It seems that the ten thousand li long galloping and roaring river is not willing to stop until here and enter into the ocean here. The biggest sculpture of Dayu across the country is located in the middle of the beauty spot with a height of 19.99 meters and an area of 1,800 sq. m. The whole sculpture is simple and unsophisticated and we can see the determination and strong willing of Chinese ancient people to conquer the nature in the eyes of Dayu. Maoyang Building is located outside the sea wall in the north-east coign of the scenic spot with the implication of “round sky and square earth” and the combination of the Heaven and human beings. As long as you step on the building, you can appreciate the magnificence of the sun rise on the sea and the beauty of the sun set on the Changjiang River.

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