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Nantong Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/29

Nantong Overview

Located on the meeting place of the river with the ocean, Nantong is a water city full of nimbus. The broad and clean Hao River crossing quietly the central area of the city is just like a slowly waving jade belt and adds beauty of innervations to the city. On the two banks of the Hao River are located the oldest museum in the country and blue calico artistic gallery and so on. The modern building cluster and the historical cultural buildings foil each other and full-bodied cultural atmosphere is thus built.

In the south part of Nantong City are located the Wolf Mountain (one of the top eight small Buddhist mountains in the country), Military Mountain, Sword Mountain, Saddle Mountain City and Yellow Mud Mountain, which are called “Five Wolf Mountains”. All of them stand tall and upright by the Yangtze River with an area of about 4.5 kilometers. Standing on the top of the mountains, you can not only enjoy the beauty of the boundless sea and sky, but also view the charming pastoral scene of the paths crisscrossing in the fields of the countryside.

River, sea and culture have endowed Nantong with distinctive tourism characteristics and potential to develop. At present, there are a passel of characteristic tourist items and routes like “Travel in China’s first modern city”, “Travel in River and Sea”, “Wenbo Travel”, “Champion Travel”, “Education Travel”, “Long Life Travel”… Here, the pageantry of the long Yangtze River surging forward into the ocean, the elegance of the thousand-year ancient city endowed with water and mountains, and the delicious seafood of the fertile land help you experience in a real sense the flavor of the rivers in Nantong. The folk dance and songs with unique local characteristics, the long life mystery in the blessing land of Chongchuan, and the champion miracle of the sports city can add a lot of knowledge and fun to your travel.