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Baichitan Fall Group Scenic Spot

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Baichitan Waterfall Scenic Spot is also called Jiulongkou Scenic Spot. It is made up of Baichitan Cataract, Yangjiaotan Waterfall, Niumotan Waterfall, Shibantan Waterfall, Xuanshuitan Waterfall and Tanyaogou Waterfall. Baichitan Cataract is the grandest one among them. Therefore Baichitan Cataract is the name for all waterfalls here.

Baichitan Waterfall is the heart of the entire scenic spots. Waterfall hangs over the crags and the deep pool is unfathomable. The two pools and one waterfall form a dumbbell shape. A cliff stands erectly between two canyons with rising water-fog. It is very beautiful. The cliff top and the cliff bottom form two pools. And the top one is Dengzuitan and the bottom one is Baichitan. The Dengjiutan is formed when the current which has more than 6 meters fall rushed into the deep pool. The Dengzuitan covers about 20 square meters, hangs over half the mountains and is surrounded by the same color of bluestones which are slithery, glittering and translucent. The pool has black green water and unfathomable depth. The water of the pool splashes down alone the low hollow. When you look it up, it is like the mouth of light. The bottom of Baichitan Waterfall covers 30 square kilometers. It was said that there is a stone hole which is more then hundred meters in depth in the bottom. And there were nine dragons in the waterfall. Therefore the canyon, where the Dengzuitan exits, is named Jiulongkou.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Cuizhuang Village, 30 kilometers away from Nanzhao County, Nanyang

How to Get There?
In Nanyang City, there is the special railway line of tourism to Baichitan Waterfall Groups.

Ticket Price:

15 yuan per person

Opening Hours:
8:00am to 5:00pm.

More Tips:

The best seasons to visit the waterfall are in spring and autumn.

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