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Baotianman Eco Tourism Area

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Mysterious Baotianman is full of power and grandeur with a vast territory. Covered with primitive forests and inhabited by a variety of animals and plants, the park is famous in Central Plains. And it is also the best-preserved eco-system of all the areas along the same latitudes around the globe. As one of the eco-centers of lives in Henan province, the park is horned as the crude species treasure-house and a bright pearl of Central Plains. Baotianman has unique location. It is situated in transitional region of variable zone and northern subtropical zone and the transitional zone of the second rundle to the third one. It is sole watershed of Yangtze River, Yellow River and the Huaihe River. And it is also the most well-preserved natural integrated gene bank. The park protects the integrated forest ecosystem of transitional zone. It is also the nicer home of 31 kinds of rare plants under state protection, 50 species of rare animals under state protection, 2.879 kinds of high plants, 213 kinds of Aves, 62 kinds of beasts, 14 kinds of amphibians, 31 kinds of reptiles, 67 kinds of fishes, and 936 kinds of insects.

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How to Get There?
At present, it is very convenient to Baotianman. Tourists firstly can reach Nanyang City and then take a bus here to Baotianman.

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You can directly change quick bus or big bus at Nanyang Long-distance bus station, it takes you 13 Yuan and about one hour to Neixiang County. And then you can directly change to Yutong Bus here and two hours later you can get to Baotianman. And it takes you 20 Yuan.

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