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Gallery of Han Paintings

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The Gallery of Han Paintings is located in the Longshou area of Wolong Mound which is in the southwest of Nanyang City, Henan Province. Its back is on the Wolong Mound and its front part is to Baihe River. And it is linked with Wuhou Temple by the north. The road of the gallery in front of the gate is connected with the southern road of train station by the east and Wolong Road by the north. So the Gallery of Han Paintings has superior location and convenient transportation.

The Gallery of Han Paintings was first built in 1935 and rebuilt in 1976. The present gallery was built on December 27th, 1999. The whole Gallery of Han Paintings covers more then 80mu. The exhibition building with grand scale is the main building in the courtyard. It covers 6000 square kilometers. The figure of the exhibition slightly assumes "T"style. The entire exhibition hall covers totally 2000 square kilometers including 11 exhibition halls. Stone carved portrait of Han Dynasty in Nanyang is the subject exhibition. They can be divided into ten parts according to the content of the exhibitions. They are the Qiantian hall, the productive labor, construction art, the historical story, the social life, the riding and hunting, the astronomy and myth, the wrestling, dances and dramas and the worshipping the immortal by dispelling disease

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