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Memorial to the Medical Saint

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The Temple of Medical Sage is built in the memory of Zhang Zhongjing who was a well-known medical scientist in the Eastern Han Dynasty.

The gate of the Temple of Medical Sage has the architectural style of Han Dynasty. Its layout is religious which assumes grand and magnificent. The golden glazed tile of the roof is brilliant. The Temple of Medical Sage, located to the bank of Wenliang in eastern suburb, Nanyang City, is the graveyard and commemorative place of Zhang Zhongjing who was an outstanding medical scientist in the Eastern Han Dynasty.

There are imitated Chinese characters in front of the Temple of Medical Sage. The three large brush-written Chinese characters “Temple of Medical Sage" are inscribed by Guo Moruo on the top of the main entrance. There are some historical paintings about the story of Zhang Zhongjing which are enchased on the eastern porch of the courtyard. The paintings vividly reappear the whole life of the medical scientist who industriously obeyed the ancient precept and abundantly gained the numerous methods and then became the medical ancestor for thousands of years. There are 117 stone carved portraits including famous doctors in the past dynasties since Fu Xi which encased on west porch. The portraits have different forms. At present, The Temple of Medical Sage is one of treasure houses, which has the largest number of stone carved portraits. Passing through the corridor and crossing the entrance, you will see the grave pavilion of Zhongjing. There are Guodian (palace), the Main Hall where has the sculpture of Zhang Zhongjing and Piandian in the east and west.

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