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Longchang Gu Lake Scenic Spot

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With an area of 61 sq km, Longchang Gu Lake Scenic Spot is made up of the ancient temples and three scenic sites, the lake, Shengdeng Mountain and Jin’e Town and 10 other tourist attractions. There are cliffs, queer rocks, waterfalls, limestone caves, temples, memorial archways, and so on. Located 2 km southeast of the county town of Longchang, Gu Lake is between Loufeng Mountain and Shengdeng Mountain and has an area of 5 sq km, with wild ducks and kingfishers frolicking in the water. 6 islands dot the lake area and there are other tourist attractions of Guiwa Hill, Matou Peak, Ganquan Cave, Sandun Stone, and the caves where ancient people lived. Huge forest covers the region and there are various kinds of birds there, which make the place very charming. Shengdeng Mountain is to the south of the lake and is covered with pine trees. At the foot of the mountain is the 2-km Angtian Yan Limestone Cave, where there are spectacular stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes. Situated in Jin’e Town, the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1616-1911) Dynasty style memorial archways are. well-preserved and of fine sculpture. A 30-meter-high roaring waterfall, also called E’dong Cliffside Spring, is on Longchang River that is 1 km south of the town. 

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(1)Tourists can go to taste the delicious local snack food in Longchang. The local snack food of eight-treasure porridge is fragrant, sweet and nutritious (eight-treasure porridge is called Babao zhou in Chinese. The eight treasures refer to the many nutritious ingredients used in the porridge, such as sticky rice, red beans, raisins, peanuts, lotus seeds, dried longan pulps, pine nuts and so on. The Longchang people use black sticky rice, candied fruits, walnut meat, Chinese dates, lilies, seeds of Job’s tears, lotus seeds, sesame seeds and lotus root powder). The jellied bean curd tastes smooth and tender, and it is also very spicy. The condensed bean curd jelly is tender and as white as solidified butter and of course it tastes very delicious. (2)The important festivals in Longchang include the Chastity Archway Culture Festival, Gu Lake Wild Ducks Festival, Shengdeng Flower Festival.

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