Neijiang Travel Guide

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Neijiang Overview

Neijiang, also called the "sweet city" because of the sugar products in the region, is located in the southeastern part of Sichuan Province, known as Nature's storehouse (land of abundance). Neijiang lies on the Tuo River and is the gateway to eastern Sichuan. With a population of 4,212,400, Neijiang, a prefecture-level city, administrates Shizhong (meaning the downtown area) District, Dongxing District and the three counties of Zizhong, Longchang and Weiyuan, 87 towns and 24 townships.

As a famous birthplace of culture in central Sichuan, Neijiang boasts large amounts of cultural attractions and natural sights, including 28 scenic spots, 180 scenic sites and 1,176 places of historic sites, which make the city graceful and dynamic.


The major streets in Neijiang:

1 .Going into Neijiang City: Shuangsu Road-- Shuangdong Road-- Yuxi Road-- Gongyuan Street

2 .Commercial center in Neijiang: the Street Garden, Wenying Street, Zhongyang Road, Tianjin Street, Jiaotong Road, Daxi Street and Datong Street.

3. Food streets: Bingjiang Road, Minzu Road, Yujiang Road, Datong Street, Daxi Street, Niba Alley, and so on.

4 .Special streets: Qing Dynasty Style Street in Zizhong County; Longchang Pedestrian street--- Dongmen Square