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Lianghuang Mountain Scenic Area

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The Lianghuang Mountain is steep with exotic peaks and stones, deep valleys and quiet gullies, soaring waterfalls and running springs. It is green as far as the eye can see with boundless graceful scenery. Numerous ancient and modern writers and poets left many valuable poetic masterpieces and footprints here. It has been one of the most famous mountains in the Yangtze River Delta since the Song Dynasty. Xu Xiake, a tourist of the Ming Dynasty complimented the scenery of the Lianghuang Mountain as "luxuriant peaks with graceful woods and exotic stones reflected in the water".

Four Wonders of the Lianghuang Mountain

The First Wonder:Hidden Character Stone- On a clear day, the stone will be clean without any vestige, when it is wet due to the rain, the characters of "conversion to Amita-Buddha" appear.

The Second Wonder:Square bamboos and purple bamboos-There are square bamboos and purple bamboos grown throughout the year below the grottos of the scenic area. The natives say these are due to the Upper Tianzhu Monastery in Hangzhou and of the purple bamboo woods in the Putuo Mountain, both of these bamboos compete with each other for splendor, which is a wonder of the Lianghuang Mountain.

The Third Wonder:Tower of the spirit-Seen from the "entrance of the celestial gate" in the scenic area, there is a giant rock which is in the shape of a human head. At the base of the tower is a huge rock with an area of 1.8×1.5 meters, which is as high as the chest. Upon the rock many large rocks are piled up with a total height of about three meters. The wonder of it all is the fact that this is a naturally occuring formation. It adds a turn of the screw to think of how it was formed.

The Fourth Wonder:The one-hundred family surnames of the Lianghuang Street-There is a strange phenomenon in the Lianghuang village that there are excessive surnames in a small village. There are 36 surnames in one village. This is the so-called "the Lianghuang Street having one third of the one-hundred family surnames in the world", which forms a sharp contrast with one surname in one village in nearby villages and a unique sight as well.

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How to Get There?
You may first take an express coach at the Ningbo South Coach to Ninghai and then transfer the bus at the Ninghai west station to get to the Lianghuang Mountain.

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Recommended time for a visit: Four hours

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