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Ningbo Nanxi Hot Spring

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General Information

Ningbo Nanxi Hot Spring (宁波南溪温泉) is one of the top three hot springs in China. Flanked by the Siming and Tiantai Mountains, its beautiful streams and lush woods make this place a great destination for tourists in search for a green adventure.
The resort covers 9627 hectares of prime space, a vast area where you can enjoy numerous activities with your family and friends. In 1991, it was named by the State Department of Forestry as a National Forest Park. Considered as one of the ten best destinations in Ningbo, it’s a must-visit location for people who want to cure their bodies and enjoy spectacular views all at the same time. 

Hot Spring

The Ningbo Nanxi Hot Spring is known throughout the world for its curative features. Located 1 hour south of Ningbo, the Nanxi Hot Spring is the perfect getaway for people who want to relax their minds and bodies.  
The hot spring is located in the center of the reserve, known as the Sleeping Dragon Valley. Here you can take a dip in any of the 20 hot springs, each laced with a unique kind of elixir. Throughout the year, the temperature of the hot spring remains at a constant 45 degrees Celsius. It is said that lounging in the hot spring can cure heart problems, arthritis, digestive illnesses, nerve conditions and skin diseases. Employees advise guests who want to rejuvenate their skin to sit in the spring for 15 to 20 minutes.

Other places to enjoy

Apart from taking a dip in the Nanxi hot springs, there are other places you can visit in the forest reserve. The area is divided into five sections, one of which is the Sleeping Dragon Valley, as mentioned. Located northwest is the Immortals Valley, while the Qianzhangya Scenic Spot is located at the southwestern area of the reserve. Brocade Valley, on the other hand, flanks the southern border of the park. All in all, the whole property plays home to seventy-two peaks, eighteen streams, nine waterfalls and three ponds. With these natural wonders, the Ningbo Nanxi hot spring is truly a Chinese jewel. 

Where to stay

Needless to say, if you want to enjoy all the sights of Nanxi Hot Spring, a day tour is not enough. To marvel at the beauty of the reserve, it’s advisable that you stay at the Ninghai hot spring summer resort. 
Opened in 2002, the hotel was recently renovated in 2010. For dining, there are Chinese and Western restaurants available in the premises. Children can enjoy the game room and free wireless Internet access, while the adults can relax at the sauna and break a sweat at the exercise facility. For conferences and functions, there are meeting rooms and ballrooms available for rent. 
Tour assistance and limousine rentals are offered to tourists who want to roam around the area. If you don’t have enough money for the rooms, you can always stay at any of the budget hotels near the Nanxi hot spring. Rates start at RMB 200, and can go as high as RMB 300. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Nanxi Village, Shenzhen Town, Ninghai County, China

How to Get There?

Take a bus headed to Ninghai from the Ningbo South Coach Station. Alight at the Meilin station and take a coach set for the Nanxi Forestry Center. 

Ticket Price:

RMB 88, inclusive of spring summing, massage and mutong spa. 

Opening Hours:

5 am to 10 pm

More Tips:

Contact number: 0574-65285523

Nearby attractions: Yandang Mountain, Tianyi Pavilion, Tianfeng Pagoda and Bauguo Temple

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