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Wild Crane Pond

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General Information

The Wild Crane Pond, also called Wild Crane Pool, is located in Ninghai, Ningbo. This tributary gorge is bordered by the Huangtan Reservoir and the Ninghai County Proper. This ecologic landscape traverses three kilometers long, and is depicted as a land rich with valleys, gullies and cliffs.
It is said to be Eastern Zhejiang’s rare jewel as it shows the harmonious marriage of ecological beauty and Taoist religion, apparent in the park’s wooden bridge overlooking the sights. In total, there are 18 cascades and 36 pools in the Wild Crane Pond, making it the perfect resort for rest, recreation and leisure. 

The Legend of the Wild Crane Pond

According to legend, Prince Wang Qiao, son of King Ling of the Zhou Dynasty, created pills that cultivated energy and permitted immortality. Following the directions of an immortal, he formed these pills on Mount Songshan. From Mount Guoshi, he flew on top of a crane and journeyed to Ninghai’s Mount Tongai, now known as the Lianghuang Mountain.
For his dedicated, he was made an immortal and was transported to heaven. It is said that the northern part of the Lianghuang Mountain was the location where Prince Wang Qiao obtained vital energy. From then on, it was called Wild Crane Pond. 

Beautiful Sceneries

If you want to enjoy natural views like no other, then you ought to pay a visit at the Wild Crane Pond. Here, you can witness pools and waterfalls as long as 1.5 miles or 2.5 kilometers. The lush land also plays home to a variety of plants and animals you will only see in China. 
Apart from the pools, the area is also famous for its breathtaking horizontal and vertical ravines. Its lush woods demonstrate the collection of old, beautiful and rare greens. With its cool, pleasant climate and clean environment, the Wild Crane Pond is the perfect place for adventurers and thrill-seekers who want to revel in the beauty of nature. Here, you can go walking, trekking or biking with friends. You can observe the passing birds and wildlife living in the area. 

Scenic Sights

The Idle Cloud (Xianyun) Stream is located at the northeastern portion of the park, and covers 800 square kilometers of land. The topography in the west is high and low in the east. As for the Wild Crane Stream, this place is where tourists can take a dip at the beach also known as the Dragon Pool Gorge. Here, you can quench your thirst at the tea lounge. If you want to take a rest, you can spend an hour or two at the hexagonal pavilion. Apart from some R&R, this location gives you a bird’s eye view of the Dragon Pool and some waterfalls. 
When you visit the Juxian Gorge, you will be treated to three pavilions, each constructed according to the road landscapes. These pavilions are Yingxian or “greeting the spirit,” Shouxian or the “spirit of longevity,” and Xianfeng or the “immortal wind.” 

Splendid Ningbo

The Wild Crane Pond is just one of the many tourist jewels of Ningbo, a province in Eastern China. This coastal city, surrounded by the East China Sea and the Yangtze River Delta, occupies more than 9,000 square kilometers of lush lands. This landscape is just one of the things that made the beautiful Wild Crane Pond possible.

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The Wild Crane Pools Scenic Area, Huangtan Town, Ninghai County

How to Get There?
You may first take an express coach at the Ningbo South Coach to Ninghai Passenger Transport Center, take bus route 108 there to the west station, and then take a coach to the Huangtan Town.

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Opening Hours:
The whole day

More Tips:

Contact number: 0574-65268555

Fax number: 0574-65268588 

Nearby attractions: White Crane Gorge, Donglai Gorge, Gorge of the Immortals and Cloud Crane Level Ground

Stay in Wild Crane Pond for half a day in order to enjoy all its views and sceneries. 

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