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Mandarin Ducks Brook

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Brief introduction:

Mandarin Ducks Brook Scenic Spot has five sections: Baishuiyang, Mandarin Ducks Brook, Cha Brook, Shuizhuyang-Kao Brook and Yuanyan Lake.

Baishuiyang section lies in the upper reaches of Mandarin Ducks Brook, many waterfalls and grottoes are on both banks of the brook. There is a scenic spot called “ ten-li street”(li is a Chinese measure unit, two li equals 1 kilometers), it is made up of three smooth and flat huge rocks at the bottom of the water, among the three huge rocks the largest is 40,000 square kilometers. Walking on the rocks, water just submerges people’s insteps. There is a 50-meter natural slide in the lower reaches of Baishuiyang and it is neat and smooth so that it is safe while sliding on it.

Mandarin Ducks Brook section is the center of the scenic spot. There are wild animals (mandarin ducks, rhesus monkeys), rare plants, streams, waterfalls, peaks, rocks, caves, ect. It is a rare comprehensive tourist area.

Cha Brook is in the lower reaches of Mandarin Ducks Brook, tourists can see several mu of sub-primeval virgin forests and beautiful river valley.

Shuzhuyang- Kao Brook lies in the west of Cha Brook, Perilous peaks, glens and Huangshan Pines are its distinguishing features.

Mandarin Bucks Lake is in Shuangxi town, tourists can see beautiful lake landscape, small islands, flocks of mallards, four-season azalea, ancient temples and towers.

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