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Sanduao Scenic spot

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Brief introduction to Sanduao Scenic spot

Sanduao is also called Sansha, situated 30 kilometers away from the southeast of Ningde city. It has a total sea area of 714 square kilometers. It is composed of Chengao peninsula, Guanjingyang, Fudingyang, Sandu, Qingshan, Doumao, Baikua, Jigongshan, all together 19 islands. Here water is deep, current is slower, water area is broad and its exit is narrow. Several dozens of tonnages of huge ships can berth here. The deep-sea area over ten meters is more than 173 square kilometers and the exploitable deep-water coastline is 72 kilometers. They both rank the first in the world.

There are many odd-shaped reefs and rocks, such as, “ Tortoise Carrying a Pearl on Back”, “Roc Spreading wings”, “Spirited Horse Look Back”, “An African Elephant”, “Chicken Cage Island”, “Ancient Ape Man”, “Pen Rack Mountain”, etc. There is a huge rock on Doumao Island, spiral shell shape. The huge rock is 2 zhang ( zhang a Chinese measure unit, 1zhang equals 3.33 meters), with a smooth shell. The spiral shell is hollow and can contain five or six persons. From the hole of the shell, tourists can see and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guanjinyan.

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How to Get There?
Tourists can take a minibus to Huandao, and then get on a bus to Jiaotou. It takes about one hour to get to Jiaotou Dock. Speedboats can sail through to Sanduao Island at any time and the fare is five yuan. If the number of passengers reaches ten, the speedboat will set sail. Yupai is not far away, tourists can take a fisherman’s wooden boat to visit.

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Opening Hours:
7:30 a.m.-17:30 p.m.

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