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Xiapu County Mud Flat

Last updated by david at 2015/11/4

Xiapu County is the oldest county in the eastern Fujian Province. A mud flat is the linking band between the continental land and sea, and this old county has the most typical mud flat scenery in China. At high tide, the flat seems to blend seamlessly with the sea, which looks incredibly spectacular, and at low tide, it exposes its true darker appearance. Through many, many years of rises and falls, the mud flat has evolved into a truly unique landscape within itself. The local people have crafted wooden rafts, boat nets, and bamboo buoys to account for the constant changing of the water tide level, a sight that tends to amaze visitors. As long as the weather is decent, one way or another, the sea will always please and leave with you unforgettable memories. Xiapu County was selected as the Top Undiscovered China Attractions

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