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YangjiaXi Scenic Spot

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Brief introduction:

Its original name is Nanyangping, it is said that the famous general Yangwenguang in the north Song Dynasty suppressed those southerners in the south of China and defended in this land. Yangjiaxi is also called Jiulixi or Qilixi, it is ratified by State Council on August, 1988 as an important scenic section in Tailao Mountain Scenic Spot which is one of the second batch of state important Scenic Spots. Three great attractions of Tailao Mountain Scenic Spot are “ Mountains, Rivers and Sea” and Yangjiaxi is an important section.

Yangjiaxi is endowed with a delightful climate and beautiful landscape. There are ancient camphor trees, floating wadding of weeds, shining red leaves, dragon-shaped pavilions, waterfalls and bamboo rafts. Odd-shaped rocks and peaks, rushing rivers and verdant ponds, caves and waterfalls, ancient trees and precious plants are worth mentioning here, you can see a crop of natural landscape. There are also man-made scenic spots, such as, ancient paths, ancient post road, ancient temples, ancient bridges, ancient castles, ancient villages and many steles bearing inscriptions of poems and other writings by famous writers and calligraphers. Besides there are come legends of the famous persons, such as, Yangwenguang, Zhuxi, Wangshipeng, Youpu and folk custom activities, such as, singing in antiphonal style of the She people, drawing stones in Mid-Autumn Festival. It has a delightful climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. There are many mountain products and much seafood, with a convenient transport system. It is pastoral and idyll. It is an ideal ecological tourist spot for people traveling, spending holidays, being away for summer holidays, swimming and fishing.      

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