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Yingzhou Stroking Water Scenic Spot

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Brief introduction to Yingzhou Stroking Water Scenic Spot

Ancient Yingzhou has a long history and simple social custom. Its architectures are particular, cottages rest at the edge of precipitous cliffs and along with a river. Looking far away, we can see the endless rows of cottages and their reflections in the water. It is like a scroll of Chinese landscape painting. From ancient Yingzhou to Huotong town, boats go down stream to sail about 20 kilometers. In the course, the river takes one abrupt bend after another and rapids dash on dangerous shoals. The sailing is exciting but not dangerous, it becomes an ideal place to drift.

Ancient Yingzhou has clear water and green hills, with unique scenery. People describe the cottages in Yingzhou as the following “surrounded by stones and rocks, without cultivated land, along with a small stream, villagers lead a happy life”. The most unique is the cottages which were built along steep cliffs and the small stream in the Ming Dynasty. They are simple and charming. Tourists can walk along ancient stone bridges and climb up stone steps. With mountain breeze blowing softly, it seems like walking in “streets in the heaven”. 

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