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Ningde Overview

 Brief Introduction

Ningde, commonly known as “Mindong”, lies in he east part of Fujing province. Its total population is 29,798,000, among which the population of the She nationality is 158,000. It is the place with the largest population of the She nationality in China. Ningde has the jurisdiction over Ningde city (Jiaocheng district), Fuan city, Fuding city, Shouyang county (Aoyang town), Xiapu county (Songcheng town), Tuorong county (Shuangcheng town), Pingnan county (Gufeng town), Gutian county (Xincheng town) and Zhouning county (Shicheng town).  

Ningde has green hills and clear waters. The land of Ningde is fertile and abounds with various local products, especially rice and sweet potatoes. The output of tea and oil-tea camellia ranks the first in Fujian province. Gutian County is the well-known center of white fungus, reputed as “a land of white of fungus” because of its largest output. 

Complicated topographic features and crisscrossed rivers form various picturesque views of Ningde. On one hand, tourists can appreciate charming natural scenes, such as, the state-level scenic spot Tailao Mountain of Fuding (the immortal mountain on the sea), Mandarin Ducks Brook, Jiulongji waterfall complex in Zhouning (the No.1 waterfall in East China), Baishuiyang in Pingnan which is reputed as “ten-li Water Street”, Chuipinghu in Gutian, Lion Mountain in Tuorong, Zhitishan in Jiaocheng and Nanji Mountain. On the other hand, there are beautiful seaside views, such as, “Heaven Lake on the Sea” Sanduao in Jiaocheng, Xiahu beach in Xiapu, Yushan Island in Fuding and Baimamen in Fuan. There are also many man-made landscapes: Zhiti Temple in Jiaocheng (one of the important Buddhist temples in China), Naluo Temple, Lingshui Palace in Gutian, Mazu Temporary Palace in Xiapu, Tianhou Palace in Jiaocheng, Binyanglin Public Temple. The pleasant natural environment of the scenic spot provides a good condition for animals and plants and there are many rare, precious and unusual ones. Here is the only natural reserve for large yellow croakers and mandarin ducks.

District Code: 0593
Post Code: 352100   

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