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Fugong Stone Moon

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General Information

The Fugong Stone Moon, also known as “Ya Ha Ba” to the Lisu locals, is a famous tourist destination. It is located at the peaks of the Gaoligong Mountain natural Reserve in the Fugong County of the Nujiang Prefecture.

Fugong is 35 kilometers away from Liuku, and the Fugong Stone Moon is about an hour’s drive from the northern part of the district.  Because of the perilous peaks and unpredictable weather, nobody has dared to climb the peak of the Fugong Stone Moon.

The Legend of the Fugong Stone Moon

According to legend, the Fugong Stone Moon started with the love story of Adeng and Ala, the daughter of the Dragon King of the East Sea. The King was against their relationship so the couple decided to seek refuge in Nujiang. In his rage, the Dragon King decided to flood the town. Adeng, with the help of his magic arrow and crossbow, shot through the peak that created the Fugong Stone Moon hole in order for the floodwater to escape.

A hole, not a stone

Situated 3,330 meters above sea level, the Fugong Stone Moon was carved throughout the centuries with the help of rain and snow erosion. Whenever the sky is bright, it looks like a moon shining in the cerulean sky, hence its name.

Although its moniker includes the word “stone,” Fugang Stone Moon is not what its name suggests. It’s actually a round hole headed straight through the middle of the peak that emanates from Nujiang in the Lishadi Village. The opening, called a marble corrosion hole, measures 30 meters high and 40-50 meters wide. Because of its unique look, many legends have been associated with the Fugong Stone Moon.

Beautiful Sights

Near the Fugong Stone Moon is the Lamuya Waterfall. It can be accessed through a 135-kilometer road from Liuku to Fugong County. Here, visitors will be treated to the view of the cascading falls, which resembles a silk fabric flowing with the wind. Its bizarre rock formations, mountain passes, shoals and rapids make for a one-of-a-kind adventure for nature lovers and thrillseekers.
It’s not uncommon for one to see some Lisu natives taking a bath or washing clothes in the Lamuya Waterfall.

Trekking and Biking Adventure

Its high altitude and exotic land formations make the Fugong Stone Moon one of the best destinations for trekkers and biking. One of its best attractions is the Mi O Luo, where explorers can enjoy the sights of green plantation and exotic wildlife. It’s also here that trekkers and bikers can have a taste of the local Lu culture.

A taste of Lisu Culture

One of the best things about visiting the Fugong Stone Moon is the chance to interact with the Lisu people, one of the minor ethnic groups of China. The Lisu people speak the Lisu dialect, which is part of the Sino-Tibetan language system.

The Lisu people are experts in making wine from corn, sorghum and tare seeds. If you want to take a sip of this Lisu specialty, make it a point to visit the Fugong Stone Moon during autumn, as this is the time when the wine is fermented and served to locals and foreign visitors.

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Fugong Stone Moon (near Lishadi Village or Shi Yue Liang,) 35 kilometers north of Fugong.

How to Get There?

From Fugong County, rent a car and drive for ten kilometers to reach the Lisha Di Town. From here, drive by a mountain road to reach a small village named Mi’e Luo.

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More Tips:
Start from Fugong County by car along the road in north direction. Get off at Lisha Di Town and climb up the mountain along a mountain road. Arrive at a small village, Mi’e Luo after a day’s journey. At the next morning, climb the Stone Moon. You will enjoy the wonderful sight of Nujiang River Grand Canyon while you astonished by the beautiful view of the Stone Moon.

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