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Gaoli Gongshan Mountain Natural Reserve Area

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Gaoli Gongshan Mountain Natural Reserve Area is located in the Nujiang River Grand Canyon,the south part of Qing-Tibet Altiplano. With a steep slope and sharp mountain incision, the Grand Canyon presents great vertical natural scenery and various climates. In fact, the vertical drop height is above 4,000 meters. Here you can enjoy nearly every kind of natural including Silver River, strange rocks, the inverted reflection of cliff on the water, and the strategic mountain pass, which vividly present the secret working of the nature.

Because of the special physiognomy, Gaoli Gongshan Mountain presents the climate of four seasons in one day. While the mountain foot is in spring and covered by green, the top is in winter and covered by ice and snow. There exist three types of climate in three zones: Torrid Zone, Temperate Zone and Frigid Zone.

The vegetation type from the river valley to mountain top varies in ten kinds: shrubs, coniferous forest, monsoon sempervirent broad-leaved forest, half wetness sempervirent broad-leaved forest, bryophyte, fir forest, bamboo clumps, herbosa and so on.

Gaoli Gongshan Mountain forms the watershed between two rivers: the Nujiang River and the Luoyi Wadi River. There are more than 80 rivers from the natural reserve area running into these two rivers. Because of the huge drop (often above 2,000 meters), these rivers form lots of wonderful waterfalls such as Yinyang Three Level Waterfall, Beauty Waterfall, Gaojiao Cliff Waterfall, Big Dam Waterfall, Manggang River Waterfall, Cunjia River Three Level Waterfall etc. Combined the dreaming river and grand mountain, Gaoli Gongshan Mountain presents a changing and gentle natural scenery.

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⒈No guns or flammable and explodable stuffs are allowed to be taken into the natural reserve area. ⒉In order to protect the environment people are not allowed to hurt any trees, flowers or animals. Don't litter. ⒊Don't drive any private cars into the area. ⒋Don't dress pure red clothes or trousers into the area. ⒌ Don't use flash lamp when take photos with animals.

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