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Nujiang River Lanping Luogu Qing Natural Scenery

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With total area of 100 square kilometers, Lanping Luogu Qing Natural Scenery is composed of three parts: Luogu Qing, Jinding Cuiping Mountain, Fuhe Mountain. The main attractions includes plateau meadow, Lovers dam, Girls Mountain, Mothers Tree, Hundred Zhang Echoing Wall, Zijin River Cuckoo Screen, Stones Forest, Flowers Mountain, Dishui Cliff, Pan Stone, Lead & Zinc City etc. Here rocks are sculpted into various shapes by the nature. Some like animals’ bones. Some like water in solid status, and some like huge pine cones.

The reason why Lovers Dam got its beautiful name is that when Dragon Boat Festival coming, the Pumis from all around would get together dancing and singing on the dam to celebrate their Valentines' Day.

Luoguo Qing is a meadow outspreading from south to east, with an altitude of 2,700 meters, 2 kilometers long and 500 meters. You can not only see Yulong Snow Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain, Baimang Snow Mountain, Meili Snow Mountain and Snow Field in the East, but can also enjoy the beautiful sight of Laoqun Mountain, Xuebang Mountain in the southeast, which is the central area of The Cocurrent Flow(Area) of Three Rivers. It is also the tie and bridge of other scenery areas in The Cocurrent Flow (Area) of Three Rivers.

Echoing Wall is located at the headstream of Luoguo Qing North Channel, with an altitude of 3,000 meters. A group of huge and thick sandstone forms a cliff over one hundred meters high. The wall is smooth and flattening. When shout towards the wall, the sound fly upwards and resounds for a long time. So it is called Echoing Wall.

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Traffic:The scenery area is 56 kilometers away from Lanping County, 200 kilometers away from Dali, Lijiang. The traffic is very convenient.

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Dragon Boat Festival is the best time to go there (the 5th, May in Chinese Lunar Calendar). Because of the high altitude, when you go to Luoguo Qing, you'd better take some thick clothes.

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