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Tingming Lake

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

Tingming Lake is the biggest alpine lake in Gaoli Gongshan Mountain, with altitude of 3,540 meters, which is 600 meters higher than Mafeng Ice & Wind Pass. The acreage of the lake is 0.3 square kilometer.

Surrounded by dense forest, Tingming Lake is deep and clean. Lots of wild animals inhabit and jazz around the lake including some natural rare animals such as gray-belly-tragopans, mountain donkeys, golden monkeys, Little Bears, oryxes. The lake scenery changes as the season changes. In spring, the snow-melting water run into the lake and all the mountains are covered by azaleas which bloom red as a flame.

Wild animals also wake up from hibernation and play around the lake. In summer, various flowers bloom among the green woods. In autumn, the blue lake water reflects the golden leaves of the trees on the shore. Feeling the clear and crisp autumn climate, how romantic it is! When winter comes, snow covers everything. The lake becomes tranquil and quiet. When look from the lake, the mountain groups are in your sight, too many beautiful things to see.

When you enjoy the fantastic scenery you may sigh with feeling: Tingming Lake like a brilliant bright pearl hiding in the deep mountain, under the sunshine, the clear lake water moving and glittering, like thousands of pearls shaking on a jade mirror. What's more, a lot of green arrow bamboos clumps and various colored mountain azaleas grow around the lake, seems that they are attending a beauty competition.

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Traffic: From Lushui County to Tingming Lake, you need to climb cliffy valley, pass the forest and cross the shrubs.

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