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The Ancient Tombs in Lie Mountains

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

The Lieshan Linyi ancient tombs scatter round the Linqi Highroad in the Jingdong Village, Lang County. They are on the southern slope of the Lie Mountains, 1.5 km northeast of the Lie Village, 3,200 meters above the sea level. The plane of the tomb is a sizable trapezium of 5.8 meters X 7.5 meters X 5.31 meters.

The tomb is 0.53 meter high and its wall is 0.3 meter thick. The whole tombs area covers several kilometers. The tombs supply vital data for the research of local ancient funeral customs, the development of the Tubo Dynasty (the ancient kingdom in Tibet) as well as the climatic changes this region had undergone during the past centuries. In 2000 the tomb was categorized as an important national historical relic.

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