Liaohe Stelae Museum

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Liaohe Stelae Museum was built in 1993. It occupies the total area of 13 hectares, among which the total area of structure is 7200 square kilometers. The whole stelae museum is consisted of the Ancientry Gallery, the Modern Gallery, the Art Gallery of Chairman Mao’s handwritings, and the Present Gallery. There are over 2000 stelae in total. At present, four handwriting art museums have been already built in Liaohe Stelae Museum. Besides, the stele corridor, the stele wall, the gate stele sign, etc, together with the new four handwriting museums consist of the large-scale archaizing buildings.

Liaohe Stelae Museum concentrates the essence of chirographers from ancient times till now. It is an art museum with rich culture connotation, which fastens on gardens, stone carvings, architectures and poems. The stelae are used black granites as the carving materials. Liaohe Stelae Museum is the only museum with masterpieces of all dynasties, even from the New Age Times up till now. Moreover, there are works of Zhang Xueliang, Zhao Puchu, Zhou Erfu, Yao Xuehen, Shen Peng, Liu Bingsen, etc. It is the second largest stelae exhibition in China.

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How to Get There?
Take route 6, 7, 11, 12 to get there.

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9:00am to 17:00pm.

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Recommended visiting hours: 3 hours.

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