Shuangtai Hekou State Natural Reserve

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Shuangtai Hekou State Natural Reserve is a marshland that serves as natural habitat to endangered birds, rare water birds, and wild animals living in the marshland. The total area of the reserve is 128,000 hectares, and with the coastal length of 118 kilometers. Moreover, there are over 200,000 hectares of the shallow sea (below 6 meters in deep). Shuangtaizi River traverses here. Besides, Dalinghe River, Raoyanghe River, Panjinhe River, Daliaohe River, total more than 20 rivers are connected here to flow into the sea.

Millions of birds stop at the area during their migration, because of the large area of marshland and rich biological resources. As a result, the reserve has become not only the stop, but the important place for resting, seeking food and breeding for birds.

The natural reserve is the biggest breeding place for black-mouth gulls. Now, the administration bureau of the reserve develops 5600 hectare area to be the permanent breeding place for black-mouth gulls.

The reserve has rich biological resources of the sea, the land and the water. Most of them belong to the endangered species and therefore, are of high protection value. As a result, the reserve has become the important research base for species, marshland ecological system and sea ecological system. It is drawn more and more att

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Take route 1, 4, 7, 8 and get off at the Commercial Building.

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9:00am to 17:00pm.

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Recommended visiting hours: Half day.

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