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Panjin Overview

Brief Introduction to the city

Panjin is a new developing petrochemical city. It is located at the shore of Bohai Sea, and at the southwest of Liaoning province. It is the center of Liaohe Delta. The average altitude of Panjin is between 2 and 4 meters. Panjin is a city with plain landforms. There are few hills but more water in Panjin. The climate here is quite warm, and has obvious features of the four seasons. Therefore, it is accredited as “the southeast China in north area”.

Panjin city has very plain landforms. It has rich resources as well. As a result, Panjin is called “the beautiful and rich gold delta of Liaohe River”. There are lots of charming scenic spots in Panjin city. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic picture made of the plain landform, the paddy fields, the reeds, the grassland, the oil derricks, the red sea beach, rare birds and rivers.

Liaohe oil field, the third biggest oil field in China, lies in Panjin city. And now, it has become the leading industry in Panjin and promotes the development of local economy.

Area code: 0427.

Post code: 124000.

Nationalities: Han Nationality, Man Minority, Chaoxian Minority, Mongolia Minority, etc.

Administrative division outlines: Panjin was nominated the municipality directly under Liaoning province by the State Department in 1984. There is Xinglongtai district, Shuangzitai district, Dawa county and Panshan county under its jurisdiction.

Top Things to Do in Panjin

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