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Dongqu District

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Entering Dongqu district, you may feel astonished to see the beauty of the semitropical city. As the center of Panzhiha, Dongqu district can fully reflect the spirit of Panzhiha. There you can find a modern industry with a reputation of "Ivory Miniature Sculpture", you can climb the Nanshan Mountain and look down at the whole city of Panzhihua from the top of the mountain. Panzhihua is endowed with plentiful mineral resources.

China's largest vanadium and titanium magnetite mine is there at Lanjia volcano. Every day tens of thousands of ores are transported from the mine to other places in the world. A place named "Yakou", 1,620 meters above sea level on Lanjia Volcano is a good site to get the complete picture of the mine. Since 1964, many Chinese leaders including Deng Xiaoping, Peng Zhen, He Long, Li Fuchun, Bo Yibo, Guo Moruo, Fang Yi, Hu Yiaobang, Li Peng, Qiao Shi have visited the mine. Friends from all over the world come to visit the mine out of admiration.

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