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Ertan Hydropower station

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In fact, Ertan Scenic Spot consists of Ertan Hydropower Station and its reservoir, including four parts:  
1. Dam: as the greatest one in Asia and third greatest in the world, the two-arched dam is 240 meters high, with total storage capacity of 580 million cubic meters, flood-relief ability of 23,600 cubic meters/second and single-engine capacity of 550 thousand kilowatts. Its top is 11 meters high, 56 meters wide and 778 meters long.
2. Exhibition Center: pictures and objects present the building process of Ertan and its beautiful scenery.
3. Reservoir: the huge reservoir results from the closure of Ertan Hydropower Station. 1,200 meters in elevation, 145 kilometers long and over 700 meters wide, the manmade lake is in "Y" shape, where 5 small islands and over 10 peninsulas distribute. Tourists can reach as far as Yanyuan County by water. During the trip, the scenery is comparable with the one of Three Gorges, which has not been researched and exploited.
4. European Encampment: the international bidden attracts over 600 foreign experts coming from 43 countries, who are jokingly called multi-county army and small UN.

Since foreigners advocate the style of working while live, but not living after working, the former simple work shed prepared for them turns into luxurious western villa located in the place chosen by themselves, which is 8 kilometers to the dam and enjoys beautiful sight and good feng shui. The encampment is well equipped with school, supermarket, swimming pool, barbecue shed, club and meeting room. As for the houses, there are luxurious and elegant villas and single departments of different levels, which costs about 100 million RMB.

After the project is completed, foreign experts have left here. The encampment remains and is ready to open to tourist.



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How to Get There?
One way from Panzhihua urban area to Ertan is about 40 km, which costs about 40 minutes. And the road is in good conditions. Drive along Jinsha River and then up Yalong River where the two rivers meet to arrive Ertan Hydropower station.

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Prices of chartering vehicle from Panzhihua to Ertan: middle-bus of about 20 seats: 600RMB/half day; microbus of 12 seats: 400RMB/half day

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