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Gesala Ecotourist Area

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Attractions of the scenic spot consist of fillers, Karst sight, meadow in high mountain and Yi customs. Among the continuous mountains, where paths wind along ridges, sights alternate between loess slope and thick jungle with blooming camellias, landforms changing greatly. A senior geologist once said that mountains and landforms here are on a par with those of Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong.

Meadows grow on high and rolling mountains, while short coiling pines are thickset and powerful. Within the area of over 300 square kilometers in Yankou and Waluo of Yanbian, there are over 1,000 filler groups of different diameter and depth. Among them, larger ones cover over 5,000 square meters and are over 30 meters deep; smaller ones cover about 400 square meters and are of different depth. Among these Karst holes, No. 1 hole especially catch people's eyes. Under the cliff of over 200 meters high, people can hear the sound 10 seconds later after throwing a stone into the vertical hole, from which people estimate the depth of the hole is about 155 meters. Around it, the 5 Karst holes of different sizes are full of Yi culture. For example, Lingze Hole owns novel and special sights, including Kwan-yin Palace, Group of Arhats, Camel Peak and Lion Mountain.

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Driving road:you would better charter a vehicle at power station in western district(no bus available) or take a through bus from Yumen Town.

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Bring enough food and tent but less water, since the local spring water is suitable for drinking.

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