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Wangyue Tower, the Tower for Viewing the Moon is one of the major historical and cultural sites under state protection in Panzhihua city. It's a hexagonal minaret standing on a square base with a two story cornice. The old tower has a history of two hundred years and survived from the wind and rain and three great earthquakes during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. As an old mosque, Wangyue Tower is distinctive combination of Chinese architectural forms serving Islamic religious functions.

About 1,200 – 3,400 meters above sea level, Baiposhan nature preservation zone is located in Puwei, Miyi. The climate and vegetation there are vertically distributed with rich and conspicuous features into several types. The Yunnan pine is the major kind of trees in the virgin forest. Walking in the virgin forest you just feel like traveling in a mysterious and tranquil picture with flourishing azaleas and all kinds of other flowers and rare birds and animals.

Haita scenic area is situated at the headstream area of Longdong River. The scenic area is about 36 kilo meters from Miyi County. It is a basin surrounded by mountains, and is about 1,900 meters above sea level, covering an area of 30 square kilometers. "Haita", in Chinese, means "Sea and Tower". In this scenic area there is a man-made lake. It is called "Moon Sea" because of the moon-shaped appearance. The terrain of Haita looks like a huge ship. In order to prevent the ship from drifting away, people built a white tower with hexagonal eaves to tie the huge ship to. The Moon Sea and the white tower echo each other. So people call the place "Haita" (Sea and Tower).

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