Mt. Dahei Forest Park

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Mt. Dahei Forest Park owns enough sunshine, clean sky and fresh air. Driving eastwards from Yakou, you will soon find several buildings and steel tower among the forest, which is the civil TV tower taking on the responsibility of relaying TV programs for the whole city. Also, it can offer both comfortable rooms and clear TV programs for tourists who have to spend the night here. In addition, if you are brave enough, you can climb onto the sightseeing stand to overlook the majestic view of mountains; if not, of course, you will waste this opportunity.

Arriving at the massif where grow three pines and watching along the ridge, you will find a projecting Bodhisattva Cave, which looks like a head of dragon held high, joining with the ridge, extremely like a huge dragon lying and overlooking the south. And, the place in terrace shape is Lanjian Mine. If you strain your eyes, you can see the 100 li steel city built along Jinsha River, which is near the mountains and river, being very magnificent. Looking back westwards, you will see the Eagle Cave in elevation of 2,920 meters towering other peaks, on the top of which grow thick and green pines and a meadow covering hundreds of square meters, where various flowers grow. They bloom in various colors in the warm spring and yellow in deep autumn. More surprising, there is a kind of large-leaved tree producing round balls with diameter of about three centimeters, which are finely divided and very beautiful. Besides, the forest of arrow bamboo and cuckoos make the park more charming. In addition, on this ridge, you can also enjoy four sights, namely, sunrise in the morning, sunset glow in the evening, changing cloud sea in rain and myriad twinkling lights of the steel city at night.

Walking westwards from Yakou, along the path among the forest and out of it, you will see the He village, a Yi Village. Yi villagers here wear their national costumes, especially girls, who take handmade jupe, pleated skirt and headdress, brightly colored and graceful. Those villagers are very friendly, simple and gentle. There is a small stone forest at the entrance to the village, among which the rock pillars of different shapes are very interesting. This is the place where villagers play in festivals. For example, in the Firebrand Festival or when welcoming honored guests, people, no matter male or female, old or young, gather here and dance "Guozhuang". They even make a night of it to enjoy themselves. Besides, there are other attractions, such as God Cave, Peach Garden and Rock Tower. 


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