Natural Cycad Forest

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Sago cycad is also named iron tree, which dates back to the dyas of Paleozoic, namely, 280,000,000 years away from today. After experiencing all the ups and down s that age has to offer, today, the cycad plants only remain one family, ten genus and about 110 species, which enjoy the reputation of "the living fossil" of plants. In 1971, during the vegetation investigation carried out by Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and original Panzhihua Feibo Forest Farm, people found these over 100,000 iron trees covering over 300 ha. Up to now, this cycad forest is the largest, thickest and most centralized one in the highest elevation found in the world, which was affirmed as new species of rare cycad forest after identification and was named "Panzhihua Cycad". When exploring here, Turner, a famous foreign cycad expert, exclaimed: "It is the fortune of China and of the world"! Iron tree is a kind of famous garden ornamental plants, which owns high ornamental value.

The particularity of Panzhihua Cycad lies in the phenomenon of its yearly blooming. The old sayings go like "iron tree blooms and horse grows horn" or "iron tree of one thousand age blooms", from which we can see how difficult it is for iron trees to bloom. However, the well-grown male Panzhihua iron trees can flower once a year and the female ones every two years, which cannot be denied as a wonder in the world. Between March and June every year, thousands of yellow buds bloom in the cycad forest, single ones like pearls hold on Buddha's hand and the forest like a colorful carpet covering the ground. Green forest specked with yellow flowers becomes a marvelous sight. Since 1990, annual Cycad Viewing and Material Fair has been held in Panzhihua, which has widely spread in both inside and outside. In addition, Panzhihua Cycad, Zigong Dinosaur and Pingwu Panda are praised as "three miracles of eastern Sichan".

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