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Yumen Town

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The town is a combination of long history, diversified cultures and places of cultural interest. There, you can find the rock graves of the Qiang people and Di people in the New Stone Age as well as a lot of beautiful legends such as the folklore of "Five Cattle Stranded in a Pond" and the legend of "Rhinoceros Gazing the Moon".

The history of Yumen changes with erection of the dam of Ertan Hydropower Station. The dam has raised the water level, and now the total area of the waters in Yumen town is about 25 square kilo meters. With its island landscapes and beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, Yumen town is a good place for holiday spending.

In 2003, Hongkong Zhongwei Group has invested in the project of developing the tourism resources in Yumen, and at the end of 2005 Yumen will welcome guests across the world with a new appearance. Dietetic culture is another highlight. Yumen town abounds in various fishes. You can taste dozens of fish dishes with different flavors there, such as Steamed Wuchang Fish with Fermented Soy Bean sauce, Steamed Wuchang Fish in Clear Soup, Twice-cooked Fish, Sturgeon boiled in Hot Pot, Roast Fish, and Drunk shrimp.

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