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Panzhihua Travel Guide

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Panzhihua Overview

Established in 1965 and located in southwest Sichuan where Jinsha River and Yalong River meet, Panzhihua is a new and developing city of immigrants. Covering 7,434 sq. km, it has jurisdiction over estern district, western district, shihe district, Yanbian County, Miyi County and 78 villages. Among its total population of 1,100,000. Panzhihua is an important base of iron, steel, rare metals and energy resources. At an elevation ranged from 937m to 4195.5m, it lies in the area of Hengduan Mountain in southwest Sichuan, which features mountain landforms.

Panzhihua is rich in resources of minerals, water and tourism. With the average temperature of 20 degree Centigrade  and the sunshine time up to 2,574 hours, Panzhihua enjoys bright sunshine and pleasant climate for the whole year, which is suitable for tourism at anytime. Besides, it has some characteristic tourist resources, including limestone caves, stone forests, waterfalls, hot springs, virgin forests, lawns growing in mountains,  underground lakes and the third highest dam of the world.

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